Dr. Fuji

The Rani's Final Moments

Doctor Fuji from Mewtwo Strikes Back is so the Rani. Here is why...

Cloning Tech = Time Lord Tech Edit

Dr Fuji wanted to bring Amber back to life using cloning technology. He even reawakened her consciousness. The technology required to do this is far beyond human levels, but not beyond Time Lord levels.

Mewtwo Edit

Dr Fuji The Rani may have created Mewtwo to be his her successor. He is scientifically genius, has a hatred for humans and is far far more durable than the Rani. Amber was created deliberately to give Mewtwo that hatred to fuel his Science! The Rani obviously created Mewtwo to be the next Rani, sacrificing herself in the process.

Unfortunately for the Rani, her plans were foiled by a certain 10 year old who convinced Mewtwo of humanities goodness and her sacrifice at his hand was meaningless.