The Tenth Rani

The Doctor is the Rani? Is he really?

Yes, he is. No Questions asked.Edit

It's pretty flippin' obvious isn't it?

Why the Doctor MUST be the Rani...Edit

Who better the Rani to disguise herself as than the Doctor? The intellectual people of the earth will all tell you that according to The Sun, a very accurate and reliable source, they have seen the Doctor in hospital. Now, why would he need to go to a hospital?

Second point, Nicholas Briggs has accidentally revealed on Hard One FM that during Dalek Caan's latest encounter with the Doctor as an extra in the series 5 episode 'Victory of the Daleks', the Doctor whispered in his mechanical ear "I am not the Rani.". Why would he lie about so trivial a matter? He wants to make sure that people don't guess his true identity! It is so obvious yet many people in the world keep denying it. How stupid of them.

Furthermore, in Human Nature/The Family of Blood, we learn that it is possible to disguise oneself as an entirely different species by hiding one's real identity in a fob watch. Why introduce this plot element if they're not going to use it? Obviously, the Rani used the Chameleon Arch to turn herself into the Doctor, and the Doctor's mind was put into the (then dead) Rani's body! Why does the "Doctor" go around saving planets? Well, he's actually getting himself good intergalactic relationships so that when he starts taking over the world, nobody will bat an eyelash.

Now, to add to the truth that has been spoken in this article, many of you will know that Steven Moffat likes to play with TIME in his episodes. And what episode does the Rani feature in? Oh yes, TIME and the RANI. In today's world that so many of us inhabit, this clearly astonishing link cannot be mere coincidence. Oh no. Even Russell T. Davies has commented "LOLZ! Teh Doctor iz teh Rani. Dis iz lyk, well mnt, innit?"

There are far greater events that lie within the history of Who that truly define the Doctor's character as the Rani. There is so much proof that the Doctor is the Rani but yet there is no plausible evidence to suggest he isn't the Rani. Interesting. This really indicates that the Doctor MUST BE the Rani.

To further add to the litany of anvil-sized hints, take a look at which Doctor battles the Rani - the Seventh. And which number rhymes with Seven? Eleven! Series finale of Series 11: The Doctor finds out he's the Rani! I hear the Sun confirms it!