More Evidence. Kate O Mara (left) Looks nothing like the Rani (Right)

The Rani is not the Rani, I mean there is so much evidence, there is no evidence to say the Rani is the Rani, so she obviously isn't.

Evidence 1 Edit

We know from evidence that The Doctor is the Rani. So how can the Rani be on the screen twice at the same time.

This evidence is disprovable but combined with the others it makes sense.

Evidence 2 Edit

Donald Trump is the Rani. Yet the Rani obviously voted for Hillary. It makes no sense why she wouldn't vote for herself.

Evidence 3 Edit

Kate O Mara didn't ever say "It is obvious my character is the Rani" so she isn't the Rani

Evidence 4 Edit

In The Mark of the Rani and Time and the Rani, Kate O Mara's Rani acts nothing like the Rani. In Time and the Rani she acts like Mel. Why would she do that??

Evidence 5 Edit

Whilst The Rani is the Rani in Dimensions in Time, that special is Non-Canon so therefor she cannot be.

Final Evidence Edit

If The Rani was The Rani, it would be such a predictable and boring plot twist and the writers would never even think of using a predictable and boring plot twist like that. Clara being brought back in Hell Bent.

The Time She Was the Rani Edit

Kate O'Mara's Rani did become the Rani once when she was taken over by Agent Smith

Agents Rani

Kate O'Mara's Rani as Agent Smith aka the Rani (Third from the left. Right at the back. No, not that one, the other one. No, the OTHER one)