Wally Waldo West, aka the Third Flash, is so the Rani. Here's why...

Multiple Faces Edit

Waldo has had several faces throughout his existence.


Waldo's First Face (When Fighting Zoom)


Waldo in the New52

Kid Rani

Waldo was able to make it from a comic to a TV show?? Time Lord


Now he's a Kid and Live Action. Clearly able to travel freely. This is why he is the Rani

Is there any doubt Edit

No not really. Since Waldo can travel between Comics, Animated TV shows and live action freely and was able to survive the Flashpoint Paradox almost unscathed he must have access to a TARDIS. Since he has had multiple faces he must be a Time Lord. So Waldo West must be the Rani.

Waldo's Alternate Names Edit

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