The Rani

Zoroark is the mysterious Pseudo Legendary Illusion Pokemon. This dark type pokemon is as cunning as it is deceptive.

Illusions = Chameleon Arch?Edit

Zoroark's speciality is the ability to take on the appearance of something else, whilst its capabilities remain fundamentally unchanged. This deception is entirely undectable. The transformation happens on what is essentially the cellular level. The entire genetic structure of a Zoroark is presumably transformed!

Now, we know time lords have a similar means of disguising themselves, via a Chameleon Arch; a device which rewrites the entirety of a Time Lord's DNA structure, creating the perfect illusion. It's quite clear that Zoroark's illusion ability is some sort of advanced variant on the technology of The Chameleon Arch.

Furthermore physical similarities may be seen between the two characters. Zoroark, while clearly a later regeneration still retains the shoulder pads, stance, and intellgience that so defined The Rani.

Nasty Plot?Edit

Zoroark as anyone versed in the lore of Pokemon would tell you is not a very good one. Instead of going toe to toe with its opponents it must instead use a clever combination of tactics to overcome them; indeed its favored way of boosting its chances is via a move called "Nasty Plot" This harkens back to the personality of its earlier regeneration. As The Mark of The Rani clearly displayed, The Rani does not, as do most of the Doctor's adversaries attempt to face him directly. Instead she uses clever indirect tactics, including the construction of a dangerous minefield, which irreversably mangled her victims. A nasty plot indeed!

A Sentient Tree? or ACTUALLY A ZOROARK?